Anagram Tales
A wordplay story game for iPhone & iPad

Anagram Tales is a casual single-player game that combines lighthearted adventure stories with jumbled word puzzles. Highlighted words in each story are anagrams of other words for you to unscramble. As you solve puzzles, you earn points and reveal more of the story.


Fun Stories

A food-themed story about a fellow who faces a series of challenges such as robbers, a shipwreck, and war, while constantly on the hunt for snacks.
An animal-themed story in which a brilliant scientist sends a young man on a mission to collect samples of wildlife from all over the world.

It's Punny

If you appreciate corny jokes about tortillas and puns like "Salad? Lettuce eat!" then Anagram Tales is for you!

It's Stress-Free

  • Unlimited hints
  • No time pressure
  • No ads!
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