SwingSong for iPad
The only musical pendulums app you'll ever need!
What is SwingSong?
Make music by playing with pendulums! Colorful pendulums play sounds at the ends of each swing. The shorter a pendulum is, the faster it swings. You "compose" a song by arranging pendulums, choosing sounds, and letting your creation swing! Inspired by science exhibits and a love of music, this app is fun and fascinating.


Easy to Use
Add and position pendulums by simply tapping and dragging. As you move a pendulum on screen, SwingSong intelligently highlights lengths that complement other pendulums in your set. Keep the sounds and colors that SwingSong automatically assigns, or with a few taps you can customize the properties for each pendulum.
Sounds Great
SwingSong uses high-quality samples of real instruments. You can assign two sounds to each pendulum - one plays at the left end of its swing, and the other plays on the right. Plug in earphones or headphones to hear the stereo sound. Choose from major, minor, and pentatonic scales to set the musical mood.
Thought Provoking
Watch the included demos for inspiration, then create your own pendulum sets to get an intuitive feel for how they work. Soon you will be experimenting with your own creative ideas and hearing the results. If you are curious about the mathematics of Periodic Motion, check out the included Pendulum Theory documentation.
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